My favourite tourism object is Bali. Bali is the famous tourism spots in Indonesia, Bali lays at the part east of Java.  Bali Island is well known as an island of the God, Thousand of Temple or Heaven Island and a lot of name given by people in the world who have ever been in Bali. Bali Island is strategically located in the tropical situation and the geographically of this island is consisted of mountain, valley, lake, flat area and beautiful white sandy beach and warms blue seawater.

 Bali Island is also well known, as an island owns rich of cultures, beautiful Balinese Dances and magnificent landscape panorama from the top hill down to the sea. Thousand domestic and foreign tourists visit Bali each month. A lot of tourists like fresh natural environment. If that what they want, Bali is the best choice to visit.

Bali has beautiful landscape dominated with green luxurious terrace fields. Moreover Bali give fantastic view; beautiful sunrise in Sanur and fascinating sunset in Kuta beach. Beside the beautiful beach and panorama, domestic and foreign tourists also enjoy the balinese local genius arts such as; dances, puras, and temples. Most of these objects are amazing.Like many other tourism objects, Bali also provide souvenir center which they can take home.

Most balinese people are artists. They spend their time to apply skill and imagination through painting, carving dancing. What make them more exposed is that most of them are English speaking people. That is why Bali is well-known all over the world.

And the type of tourism in Bali is entertain tourism and nature tourism. You can visit Bali by airplane and the price about  1million rupiah and to visit Bali you can bring 2 until 3 million rupiah thats enough. If you go by travel agent with bus you must pay 2million rupiah and you can get accomodation like meal, breakfast, lunch and the facilities like air conditoner bus. From Jakarta to Bali by bus around 3days. And you can buy bali cloth thats original souvenir from bali, and you must visit Joger also there is many kind of souvenir.

-         Cindy Harpenia Claudy

-         Inggrio Claudia Septiany


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